Time travel


Take me back in time when people and emotions were real.

Take me back in time when people were not afraid to feel.

Take me back in time when people cared more about real friendships than social media likes.

Take me back in time when an ambitious Lady was not considered as a gold digger.

Take me back in time when a guy could be “all up in his feelings” and not be called a sissy.

Take me back in time when we were human.




Deep wounds


Mama said she didn’t need a man, forgetting that she had little angels that looked up to her.

So her baby girl grew up saying and believing she didn’t want a man in her life, I mean mama didn’t need one so why would she?

Mama also forgot that her baby boy was old enough to understand what she said. Heck mama didn’t need a man, big sister didn’t want a man, then why would he be proud of being something that his family despised so much? so he didn’t want to be a man.

Both kids took matters in their own hands and grew up to be what they really believed they were meant to be

Now mama’s baby girl is all grown and she’s a lesbian and her baby boy is all grown and he’s a transgender.

If only mama had been more aware of the things she said.

                  “I cut deep” Knife said.

                  “No, look at me. I would give more severe wounds” Sword exclaimed

                    Words laughed behind the curtains.


DISCLAIMER: This is just something I’ve been thinking about and if you are bothered sorry but I ain’t sorry.

Almost a love story

The silence woke him.

It was weird how the silence was not empty but full of answers.

It was at 3am and he just couldn’t stop thinking about her,

It had become an endless routine.

The emptiness was unbearable.

If only he had just tried a little harder,

Maybe put in a little effort.

That one stupid mistake had changed everything. 

But at last he decided to finally tell her how he really felt, he picked up the phone.

             “Hello” said the old male.

              “Yes” said an old woman voice.

              “I wish you said that 30 years ago”.






It was weird how they all lusted for her.

At first she felt like she was the real MVP since all the guys knelt on their knees in order to touch her.

She thought she was special because she was the one being called over every night to quench their thirst.

She thought she was one of a kind because guys would line up to tap that.

She thought she was the coolest girl in town cause every Friday and Saturday night a different  guy would ask to take her home.

She thought she was incredible cause men would always buy her drinks.

And now she is still confused why she is all alone when before all men couldn’t wait to lay with her.

But little did she know that just because they desired her, doesn’t mean they valued her.

On repeat



Bruises, swollen eyes, broken ribs, bloody lips…

It was that time of the night when the painkillers and the sleeping pills just didn’t want to kick in.

Her head filled with memories and flash backs. She was tired, tired of all the pain.

She wanted it all to go away. Wanted him to go away but he was glued on the bed like a bedbug.

She couldn’t see his face anymore not because she was blind but because of the tears that were constantly in her eyes.

“I am sorry” , those three words were constantly on repeat when he was around. He destroyed her but she was the one apologizing.

him: where are you going?

her: I’m sorry babe, I just need some fresh air.

him: why do you look so scared though? I won’t hurt.

her: I honestly think you should leave.

him: why?

her: because I don’t feel safe anymore when you are around.

him: but I love you

hush my darling I’m not going to hurt you again, I promise” he’d say holding her in his arms, and BANG… he’d smash her head against the wall.




The Tragic Reality.


When the clock struck 12 she smiled in excitement. Midnight was her favorite hour cause not even darkness could fool her of the pure reality.

The darkness of her room was calming and cool. It was just after midnight when they showed up.

She didn’t fear the dark for it set her in a good mood.

While other people found midnight cold and terrifying she loved it’s warm blanket embrace.

She could dance with the terrifying monsters that lived under her bed without fearing them because they didn’t hide what they truly were.

But as the sun started to rise she’d curl up on the floor with tears rolling down her eyes not wishing to see the light cause for every step it creeped forward her monsters took one back  and once again she was gonna be left alone with hypocritical masks and to her nothing was more tragic than the masks humans wore during the day.



She knew it wasn’t real,

but it felt so good.

She knew it could kill,

but she craved for more.

She craved to hear the words that she simply couldn’t ignore.

They made her feel wanted, needed and maybe a little cared for.

Maybe she was just a fool, or was it the only thing that made her feel alive?

Causing her heart to skip a beat.

            lie to me again, she whispered.

            I love you, he said.