It was weird how they all lusted for her.

At first she felt like she was the real MVP since all the guys knelt on their knees in order to touch her.

She thought she was special because she was the one being called over every night to quench their thirst.

She thought she was one of a kind because guys would line up to tap that.

She thought she was the coolest girl in town cause every Friday and Saturday night a different  guy would ask to take her home.

She thought she was incredible cause men would always buy her drinks.

And now she is still confused why she is all alone when before all men couldn’t wait to lay with her.

But little did she know that just because they desired her, doesn’t mean they valued her.

On repeat



Bruises, swollen eyes, broken ribs, bloody lips…

It was that time of the night when the painkillers and the sleeping pills just didn’t want to kick in.

Her head filled with memories and flash backs. She was tired, tired of all the pain.

She wanted it all to go away. Wanted him to go away but he was glued on the bed like a bedbug.

She couldn’t see his face anymore not because she was blind but because of the tears that were constantly in her eyes.

“I am sorry” , those three words were constantly on repeat when he was around. He destroyed her but she was the one apologizing.

him: where are you going?

her: I’m sorry babe, I just need some fresh air.

him: why do you look so scared though? I won’t hurt.

her: I honestly think you should leave.

him: why?

her: because I don’t feel safe anymore when you are around.

him: but I love you

hush my darling I’m not going to hurt you again, I promise” he’d say holding her in his arms, and BANG… he’d smash her head against the wall.




The Tragic Reality.


When the clock struck 12 she smiled in excitement. Midnight was her favorite hour cause not even darkness could fool her of the pure reality.

The darkness of her room was calming and cool. It was just after midnight when they showed up.

She didn’t fear the dark for it set her in a good mood.

While other people found midnight cold and terrifying she loved it’s warm blanket embrace.

She could dance with the terrifying monsters that lived under her bed without fearing them because they didn’t hide what they truly were.

But as the sun started to rise she’d curl up on the floor with tears rolling down her eyes not wishing to see the light cause for every step it creeped forward her monsters took one back  and once again she was gonna be left alone with hypocritical masks and to her nothing was more tragic than the masks humans wore during the day.



She knew it wasn’t real,

but it felt so good.

She knew it could kill,

but she craved for more.

She craved to hear the words that she simply couldn’t ignore.

They made her feel wanted, needed and maybe a little cared for.

Maybe she was just a fool, or was it the only thing that made her feel alive?

Causing her heart to skip a beat.

            lie to me again, she whispered.

            I love you, he said.


Mirrors Are Just Glass. 

She woke up every morning and looked at her reflection.
Never really in appreciation.

The voice in her head kept her from loving herself.

She had seen it 1000 times

But she never knew what it was 

She never knew how to define her beauty.

Yeah she was beautiful 

But society told her otherwise.

She longed to fit in,in the process she never discovered her true self 

In her eyes she was just some ordinary thing,and society pulled her Strings.

Nobody around her told her she was special.

Maybe she never knew the meaning of being special.

Magazines and television portrayed that she was non existent.

Then it happened…. 

2am she wanted to say goodnight cause goodnight meant goodbye 
2:30am she had carefully planned it all

3:00am it was done. 

Now  gathered around her lifeless body you tell her how beautiful she really was. 
If only she had heard those words when she was full of life.

True love💕

​True love 
The first sign of true love is what God did sending his one and only son to die for us. 

The second sign of true love is what Jesus did, dying for us even when most of us dint know him. 

So how dare we try to downplay the power of his blood. 

Death on that cross was the best display of affection,two pieces of wood, heaven and earth it was an instant connection. 

He was beaten for you 

He bled out for you 

He did it all for you 

But you still don’t understand that it was supposed to be you. 

And you run around lusting for earthly pleasures,taking drastic measures,forgetting that he is the only treasure.

Why can’t you understand that the heart can only be satisfied by the one who created it. 

The light in you becomes dim,yet through you they should see him. 

I mean he died for us knowing we have a sinful nature, that’s like a man marrying a woman he knows will constantly cheat yet that dint stop him.

How great is this love?! 

So Captain America has a shield and was injected with supersoldier serum. 
Iron Man puts on a steel armour

Hulk gets angry and swollen and makes people fear him. 

But Jesus put on full humanity was birthed in a flesh suit humbling himself to death so that we can have life.

So you may like comics but I marvel at my superhero who rose as the great avenger  of all time. 
So what I’m trying to say is that Jesus loves you and the only way you can repay him is how you live your life,will you choose to worship him in everything you do or walk away?

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